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Welcome to Skin Tag Solution, your source for accurate user reviews about skin tag products. We have collected, analyzed and reported recommended products based on those reviews. We have also taken time to ensure these products meet standards we believe are important − Effectiveness, Safety, Trust & of course Value. Please see our top picks below based on user skin tag reviews and our editors.

#1 Product H-Skin Tags Formula

H-Skin Tags Formula leads all voting as the best overall skin tag product. Votes are based on Effectiveness, Safety, Trust & Price.

Effectiveness: H-Skin Tags Formula proved to be both extremely effective on skin tags viturally anywhere on the body.
Safety: H-Skin Tags Formula is 100% natural and perfectly safe to use.
Trust: Healing Natural Oils is one of the most widely trusted manufacturers of organic, natural health products.
Value: Most effective product at the same price level of it's competition means H-Skin Tags Formula is the best value product available.

H-Skin Tags Formula Review - Full Review - Healing Natural Oils Website

#2 Product Dermatend

Dermatend made the list of top 3 skin tag products. Votes are based on Effectiveness, Safety, Trust & Price.

Effectiveness: Dermatend was effective on our reviewers skin tags, taking a few weeks longer than H-Skin Tags Formula.
Safety: Dermatend is all natural and therefore safe to use.
Trust: 90% of our reviewers felt the brand was trustworthy.
Value: The cost of Dermatend is considerably higher than the other two products (ranging from $40 to $100), and therefore didn't score high in value.

DermaTend Review - Full Review

#3 Product Blemish Be Gone

Blemish Be Gone made the list of top 3 skin tag products. Votes are based on Effectiveness, Safety, Trust & Price.

Effectiveness: Reviewers had mixed results for effectiveness, with mnostly positive results.
Safety: Ingredient lists were not readily available on the website.
Trust: 70% of our reviewers felt the brand was trustworthy.
Value: The cost of Blemish Be Gone was average compared to other review products. .

Blemish Be Gone Review - Full Review

Natural Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small growths of skin that appear usually later in life. They affect both male and female and they appear on people who are healthy and otherwise normal. They are simply hanging skin that is the color of flesh and look like hanging pieces of skin. Some people find them rather unsightly and therefore search for natural skin tag removal formulas.

Some of the skin tags may appear to be smooth while others may look wrinkled. They may be irregular in shape and their color may appear a little darker than the surrounding skin.

Size and Occurrence

Usually skin tags are small and can only be seen for a short distance. They start out being very small, much like the head of a pinpoint, which is one of the reasons why removing skin tags is a popular thing to do.

They will grow with time and some of them may even grow to the size of a large grape. They are likely to appear on any part of the body. The parts of the body that are most susceptible to skin tag growth are the neck, armpits, groin, eyelids, and under the breasts. These areas are believed to be susceptible because of the friction of skin rubbing against skin, or even skin rubbing against clothing.

Symptoms and Problems

A skin tag is defined as being a tumor but it is actually considered to be more of a skin growth that is harmless. Skin tags are not malignant nor do they pose any threat to becoming cancerous if they are left untreated. As a rule they do not have any symptoms but they can be annoying because of their appearance. They may become irritated if they rub against other skin or clothing and this could possible cause soreness and discomfort. Usually they are uncomfortable if they come into constant contact with jewelry, fingernails, or seatbelts since these are likely to cause irritation and redness.

Skin Tag Removal    

Even though skin tags are not dangerous they do often cause symptoms that are annoying. Many people prefer to remove skin tags because they are self conscious of the way they look and removal returns the skin to a smooth appearance. There are rare occasions when a skin tag will fall off on its own without causing any pain. If they do not fall off on their own there are a number of ways to remove skin tags naturally, safely and effectively.

Natural skin tag removal is the best way to remove skin tags quickly. A natural formula for skin tags which is 100% safe and organic is Heal Skin Tags at

Freezing, burning, and cutting are the most common methods and these methods are not usually associated with very much pain. For the larger skin tags a local anesthetic can be used but this is usually not necessary. The most difficult skin tags to safely remove are those that appear in the area of the eyelid. For this type of skin tag removal one must seek the services of a qualified ophthalmologist who is experienced in removal of the tags around the eyes.

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View a video about skin tag removal at Youtube.

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