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Blemish Be Gone Review

Blemish Be Gone is promoted as removing any skin blemish safely and naturally.  It is a multiple user product targeting acne, pimples, warts, boils, chapped skin, skin tags and many more skin conditions.  Miracle Cure Duo is the name of the product and it is the company's best seller.  The duo comes with a blemish remover and a skin protector which helps with the removal of pigmentation associated with most skin blemishes.

#3 Product Blemish Be Gone

Blemish Be Gone made the list of top 3 skin tag products for 2011. Votes are based on Effectiveness, Safety, Trust & Price.

Effectiveness: Reviewers had mixed results for effectiveness, with mnostly positive results.
Safety: Ingredient lists were not readily available on the website.
Trust: 70% of our reviewers felt the brand was trustworthy.
Value: The cost of Blemish Be Gone was average compared to other review products. .

Click Here for the #1 Product

According to Blemish Be Gone, they specialize in complete blemish removal and have created the world's first New Skin™ All-Natural Blemish Drops.  This product for blemish remover is made with botanical ingredients including organic apple, lemon as well as raw cane sugar mixed with salicyclic acid (from willow bark extract), vitamin antioxidants and co-enzyme Q10 to clear blemishes while evening out skin tone and texture.  It is marketed as being without any parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petro-chemicals or phthalates. 

Blemish Be Gone receives mixed reviews because even when it clears up a blemish, some users find that it can still lead to some scarring. Customer service includes a free e-mail support for the users of the Blemish Be Gone products.  An e-mail reply can be expected within about 24 business hours monday-saturday.

Blemish Be Gone products can be ordered online.  The cost of the Miracle Duo is $39.95 which is shipped with full instructions on use of the product.  There are three methods of applications to choose from varying from the gentle method, the moderate method and the  stronger method.  These are applied anything from once to three times per day.  The company is located between Riffe Lake and Mayfield Lake in Western Washington, USA.  Blemish Be Gone offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on their products.

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