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Skin tags are those funny little pieces of skin that seem to appear in different areas of the body and often come with age. They are common in many adults and even in some children. They may appear on many parts of the body such as the eyelids, nose, cheeks, neck, armpits, groin area, and genitalia. They are usually always benign but they are aggravating to many people who suffer from them.

For those who suffer from skin tag it is good to know that they are fairly easy to treat. The preferred treatment is freezing skin tags. When you freeze skin tags there is very little pain and very few risks involved.

The most common way to rid the body of skin tags is with cryotherapy, or freezing skin tags. The most common type of cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrogen that is very cold. The cold temperatures of the nitrogen works in many ways like burning skin tags. The nitrogen freezes the tags and the cells inside so that the tag will dry up and fall off. This process usually takes about a week after cryotherapy is performed.

People who have cryotherapy will probably feel a sting much like that of a bee sting or the burn of a small spark that lands on the skin. On the day the cryotherapy is performed the skin tag will probably turn dark and appear slightly translucent. Over the course of a week the cells of the skin tag will dry up and the tag will eventually fall off. In most cases, once the skin tag is removed it will not come back.

Freezing skin tags is something that is usually done in a dermatologist office or in the office of a general practitioner. This type of procedure is used to remove several types of skin growths including skin cancer. The procedure usually does not require any type of anesthesia since the whole process only takes a few seconds. If the skin tag is unusually large the doctor may elect to inject a local anesthetic to the area because the nitrogen will be applied to a larger area. If there is any discomfort it is only fleeting and usually will only last for a few seconds. After the procedure is performed the patient will not usually feel any pain at all.

Once cryotherapy has been performed it is important to keep the area clean and dry. The cells inside the skin tag will die and the tag will fall off. For a short while this may lead to a sensitive area that is subject to irritation. Until the area is completely healed it should be kept clean and preferably covered. The use of hydrogen peroxide is recommended to help fight infection. Peroxide is cheap and painless and is a very effective treatment in stopping the growth of bacteria or infection.

If you have skin tags that are unappealing to you, you should consider freezing them off as a way to get rid of them. The procedure is simple and relatively painless and usually does not cause undue scarring.


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