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Skin tags are harmless flaps of skin that can appear on various parts of the body. Their cause is unknown but they usually appear on people who are age 50 or older. They have also been thought to be hereditary. When these skin tags appear in the groin area they can be the cause for embarrassment and concern. Because the groin area is very sensitive, groin skin tags can become irritated.

Skin tags can affect anybody at any age but they are usually only benign flaps of skin that are more of a nuisance than anything. They may appear the same color as the skin or tissue surrounding them or they may be slightly darker in color than the surrounding skin. Most people want them removed because they do not like the blemish on their skin.

Skin tags of the groin are more likely to get irritated than other places on the body because of the friction of sexual activity and the constant rubbing of clothing. They can also be the cause of concern for the sexual partner since they may think that the skin tag is some sort of venereal disease.

Although skin tags are harmless, skin tags of the groin may become irritated and lead to sensitivity and pain. If they appear on the penis or scrotum they may even interfere with your sexual activity because of the potential for irritation. This is also true for women who develop skin tags in the groin area. They can be the cause for embarrassment and concern. It might be very uncomfortable for you to have to explain to someone what the skin tag actually is.

It is fortunate that skin tags are usually harmless and rarely do they ever develop into anything other than a benign growth of skin. Still, they may be embarrassing to some people. It is good to know that there is treatment that can safely remove the skin tags and still leave the skin looking smooth.

The most popular way to remove skin tags is with cryotherapy. This is the freezing of the skin tag to kill the living cells inside. It is a relatively painless procedure but in the sensitive groin area it could cause a small amount of pain.

The freezing process is a simple procedure that can be done in the doctor’s office and will only take a few minutes. The actual freezing is done in about 20 seconds. For those who are very sensitive to pain, your doctor may choose to give you a local anesthetic which will numb the area before freezing. This is especially true in the groin area because of the sensitivity there.

Another way to rid yourself of the skin tag is by cutting the tag off with a sharp scalpel. This is done by tying a string around the base of the tag to cut off the blood flow to the skin tag area. The skin tag can then be cut away, leaving the area smooth once again. This might be a little more painful than freezing but it is just as effective and usually provides quicker results.


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