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Skin tags (also known as acrochordon, pedunculated papilloma and fibroepithelial polyp) are small, benign growths that appear where the skin creases - normally the eyelids, under the breasts (sometimes caused by irritation from bra wearing), underarms and neck. Although they are considered tumors it is important to note that they are benign and, if left untreated, will not turn into cancer. However, like with any acquired growth, changes in colouration and or size should be reported to a doctor. Acrochordons can be flesh coloured or slightly darker and resemble small pieces of hanging skin. While they can also occur on the face, this is less common. Skin tags are harmless and are on average the size of a grain of rice or smaller, but have been known to grow up to the size of a ping pong ball. If you'd like to find pictures of skin tags, the internet is your best bet. A Google search of "skin tag images" returned 5,550,000 results. Medical websites are a great resource for skin tag pictures, as is Google Images ( Google Images is a great resource as it has photographs of a vareity of different skin tags, in different phases, sizes, and colours.

Images of Skin Tags

Although the shape, size and colouration of skin tags varies between people, any changes in the appearance of your skin tags should be immediately brought to the attention of a doctor. Another great Internet resource for skin tag images is This website specializes in skin growths and has over 23,000 images of various lesions in its database. The site is a wealth of useful information and provides a few interesting links. is another site worth checking out. It features various images of skin growths alongside diagnoses and possible treatments. The cause of skin tags isn't completely understood but studies suggest that pregnancy and hormone fluctuations, obesity, age and constant irritation of the skin are factors. Because they tend to appear in areas where the skin folds and can chafe, irritation is thought to be another causing factor. Although shaving, scratching, or using creams that don't agree with the skin will not cause skin tags these things can irritate them, causing them to itch or even hemorrhage. Although doctors will not generally recommend the removal of skin tags they will in these instances. For the most part, skin tags do not cause any pain or have any symptoms. If the tag has become irritated to the point of hemorrhaging, removal may become mandatory to prevent the possibility of infection. Skin tags have been known, from time to time, to fall off and disappear on their own. This can occur when the tag is shifted or twisted during normal daily activities. When this happens, blood flow is cut off from the tag, causing it to die. Many online websites feature images of skin tags in various stages of growth, as well as images of skin tags in the process of dying.


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