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There are millions of people who have a problem with skin tags and they affect both sexes alike. Even though skin tags are usually harmless there are many people who seek treatment to have the tags removed because of cosmetic reasons. Removing the skin tags also eliminates the risk of irritation, pain, or the possibility of an infection developing. Here we will take look at some of the different methods these skin tags can be removed.

Surgical Removal of Skin Tags

Dermatologists have different techniques for skin tag removal that can be done safely and quickly right there in their office. Unless the skin tag is unusually large the skin tags are removed without any type of anesthesia, except maybe when a person has a very low tolerance to pain. The dermatologist may decide to cut the tag off, cauterize the tag (use high heat to kill skin tag cells) or by using cryosurgery (freezing the cells so that they die). All of these methods are relatively painless, with only a small amount of discomfort, but they all have different costs that are associated with the procedure. Cutting and freezing are two of the least expensive professional options.
Skin Tag Removal with Over-the-Counter Medicine

There are others who would prefer to remove their skin tags with less invasive procedures. There are a couple of over-the-counter medicines that are used to treat skin tags such as DermaTend and SkinSave. These medications are applied directly to the skin tag and over time they will cause the skin tag to dry up and fall off. SkinSave is also used for other conditions such as mole and wart removal. Because of the ingredients in these products you should consult your physician before you use them.

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home

There are always those people who prefer not to go to a doctor and will prefer to remove their skin tags in the comfort of their homes. There are some effective home remedies that have been known to have good success. Caster oil mixed with baking soda can be used to make a paste then applied to the skin tag. When used three times daily it should take the skin tag a couple of weeks to dry up ad fall off. Another effective home remedy is to apply tea tree oil to the skin tag for three times a day. This has the same effect as castor oil in that the tag should dry up and fall off in a couple of weeks.

Removing Skin Tags with Dental Floss/Thread            

Another method that is a little invasive but not very painful is to take a pair of scissors and cut the tag off.  First you should take some dental floss and tie it at the base of the tag to cut off the blood flow to the tag. Any instrument that is used to cut the tag off should be very sharp and cleaned thoroughly. The person will feel a small sting during the cutting process but this only lasts a few seconds. Once the tag is removed you should use peroxide to clean the area and prevent infection.


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