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Vaginal Skin Tags

Vaginal skin tags are obviously found only in women and are in the area of the labia. The labia is the part of the vagina that is found around the vulva region. This area is also prone to other types of skin growths such as polyps, warts, and cysts.

Identifying Vaginal Skin Tags

Vaginal skin tags are typically a small floppy growth that is raised and appears in the area surrounding the vulva. They often look lie a peduncle of extra skin that is the same color of the skin surrounding them but sometimes they can appear to be a little darker in color. Many times a skin tag in the vaginal area will look much like a pimple or just a small bump. If you have one of these tags you should visit your gynecologist to confirm that it is only a skin tag and not something more serious.

Who Gets Vaginal Skin Tags?

All females are susceptible to developing vaginal skin tags. Even infants can get them but more often they appear in adult women, especially those adult women who are pregnant. When a woman is experiencing her menstrual cycle the vaginal skin tags may increase in size but it will return to its normal size once the menstrual cycle is over. Infants have been known to develop vaginal skin tags but this is rare and they will usually fall off by themselves by the time the child reaches his second birthday.

Causes and Symptoms

As with other skin tags, vaginal skin tags develop with no known reason. Many people feel that this area is susceptible because of the skin that rubs against other skin and clothing such as underwear or panties. There is speculation that the folds in the labia rub together and cause the development of skin tags in this area. Whatever the cause, vaginal skin tags are benign and usually do not cause any annoying symptoms. There is the possibility that they will cause irritation or pain when subjected to the friction of rubbing against other skin or clothing. They are also prone to become irritated when a woman if forced to wear a sanitary napkin.

Removing Vaginal Skin Tags

Because vaginal skin tags are benign your gynecologist may not feel the need to remove them. On the other hand, if there are annoying symptoms present such as irritation, or of the woman is self conscious of them, they can be easily removed in the gynecologist’s office. Most of the time a local anesthetic will be all that is needed to prevent any pain or discomfort. Many doctors will use cryotherapy as the method of removal since this method is safe and effective. You should always consult your gynecologists if these symptoms arise:

  • The vaginal skin tag grows fast and appears to be too large for just a tag or if it appears to be swollen.
  • If the vaginal skin tags becomes a lot darker in color than the skin that surrounds it and gives the appearance of a blood clot.       


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